Alice In Wonderland Collage Pieces

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  • 11 Designs to choose from
  • Measurements: A: 2" high, B: 2.3" high, C: 2.3" high, D: 2.4" high, E: 2" high x 3.25" long, F: 2.25" high, G: 2.5" high, H: 2.3" high, I: 1.25", J: 1.5" high, K: 1.25" high
  • Made with 1/8" thick, sustainably sourced wood
  • Backs are unpainted

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These versatile craft findings can be used for hundreds of projects like Jewelry, Needle Minders, Collages, Magnets, Mixed Media Art, Scrapbooking, Paper Crafting, Party Decorations, Art Projects, Doll House Miniatures & Dioramas and more.

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